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The Alien Pirates’ Treasure by Harpie Alexa & Charity Wells

They never expected to rescue a human from a terrible fate. And she never expected her life to be shanghaied by alien pirates and pregnancy…They most certainly weren’t supposed to fall in love!

Polly always dreamed of a simple life—a job she enjoyed and a loving family to call her own. But when she wakes in a lab, pregnant and surrounded by terrifying Viktoids, her dreams turn to nightmares. It’s obvious her captors want something from her. Time is running out and she needs to escape…but how?

Ca’lek and Va’naar love fighting greed and corruption one raid at a time, but soon it will all be over. Their lives are promised to another. An arranged mating contract leaves them legally bound to a greedy, self-centered female. Unhappy with their future mate, they delay their trip home for one final attack on a galactic enemy; the Viktoids. Retrieving the life saving serum for a dying colony was part of the plan, finding a pregnant female aboard was not.

Ca’lek and Va’naar can’t admit the sweet female entices their mating heats, not when giving in to their desires would spell disaster for their entire family. But the powerful tension between the trio is rising. If only they had met sooner.

Living with pirates is more frustrating than Polly expected. The handsome males claim they are promised to another, yet the heat in their eyes says otherwise. Why did it take an abduction to find the males her heart desires?

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Abduction / Enslavement Humans In Space Menage

Series Number
Book #1

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