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The Alien Lieutenant by C. Y. Croc

“There was a lottery on board our ship, and three Human females were the prizes. I got the tall curvy one, and now I need to protect her—from them! ”

Lieutenant Sollo

Bizarre circumstances on board our ship led to the captain putting three rescued Human females up in a lottery to be mated by one of us stranded Federation officers. There are good and bad amongst us. I cheated and got lucky with the tall female. Now it’s a life and death daily struggle to keep her safe. Not only from the flying Badligons stranded on this planet with us—but from my own mutinous crew members too. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to use every skill I have to keep my new Human bride alive!


Unbelievable circumstances mean we’re going to be stranded for the foreseeable future on an unknown planet. For my own safety, I’ve been raffled off in a bride lottery with two other women. My new husband is a green alien and I’ve got mutinous alien crew members and flying hairless bat-faced aliens all wanting me. Could this abduction get any worse? Apart from the fact that my husband is as hot as hell, this is a living nightmare!

This book can be read as a standalone love story, but to get the most out of the main plot which is a follow on story from The Alien Admiral and will conclude in The Alien Corporal, please read all three books in order.

Series Number
Book #2

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