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The Alien Commander’s Fake Princess by Alyse Anders

Commander Tahsin has a royal-sized problem. Princess Myra has gone missing a month before she’s set to marry Prince Renatar, son of the Ta’Roden Matriarch, their former enemy. If the Matriarch discovers Princess Myra has run away, it will mean war once more. Tahsin must find a stand-in princess while he looks for Myra.

Lela Bauer’s acting career is in flames. Her latest holo film has bombed bigtime, her agent dropped her, and her ex-husband is talking to the tabloids. When the Intergalactic Placement Agency offers her the role of fake princess, Lela is overjoyed to get away from her problems on Earth.

As Tahsin teaches Lela the ropes of what it means to be royalty, Lela wants nothing more than to put a smile on the grumpy commander’s face. Tahsin wants nothing more than to strip Lela naked and wipe the smile from hers.

With the countdown to the wedding drawing near, Tahsin frantically looks for the missing princess, all while fighting his attraction to the woman whose true identity could destroy them all.

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