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The Aledan Psion by Christine Myers

Hankura’s family sent him away to school on a far-off world when he was only ten to spare him from the torturous mind conditioning of psions on Aledus. On his way he touched the mind of Michelle, a frightened little girl. Neither child realized they had forged a mental connection that would last the rest of their lives. 

It didn’t come back to haunt him until after she reached puberty. The connect grew stronger, haunting his dreams, and coming between Hankura and a woman he thought he loved.

When she was almost killed in a street fight, Hankura knew he must go to Earth and find her. A psion mate bond cannot be broken. Attempting to break that bond could destroy them both or at least their sanity.

But life for psion mates is not perfect. Even though he loves her deeply, Hankura selfishly puts his needs before Michelle’s. They struggle to find balance in their relationship in world with discriminating psion laws, and family dynamics that test them to the limits. 

Adult Content, Sexual Situations, No Cliff Hanger HFN Ending.


Aledan Series

Series Number
Book #1

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