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Tamera’s Fight by Mara Jaye


As a law enforcement officer, I’d been prepared to subdue attackers by any means necessary. Killing anyone was never my goal, but now? I’m expected to engage in a fight to the death every week for an alien reality show. Armed drones film us in the arena. Every match brings me one week closer to dying in front of beings I never expected existed.

When a tall, bronze, and handsome man walks into the common area, he’s a pleasant surprise. The guy is not only the best-looking person I’ve ever met, but he’s also protective and thinks I’m his bondmate. I’ve avoided anything but the most superficial friendships until now. When Dekron holds me in his arms, I can’t resist loving him even if I know we’ll never make it out of here alive.


If it’s an average day, the Vahdmoshi are breaking the intergalactic law to make a credit or two. My partner and I are sent undercover to a weekly broadcasted fight between beings from lesser worlds. Not the usual, but not unusual, either.

An ordinary case to solve until I see her.

She’s an Earther who’s fierce and able to stay alive against other Sixth world savages. When we meet, every cell in my body knows I’m hers forever. Tamera doesn’t believe me when I tell her how we’ll escape alive. No one can fight me and win when my bondmate’s life is on the line.

Series Number
Book #4

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