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Talent by Laurel Richards

Andromeda is still trying to get used to her prosthetic arm and leg after a terrorist bombing left her injured. Through her work with the Sentinel Agency, she’s determined to stop the bad guys and keep innocent people from getting hurt.

Luka Stiles used to be the top supermodel in town. When the advertisers drop him and his film career fizzles, he’s left drowning his sorrows at the bar. He coasts along on his former fame, which happens to score him an invitation to an exclusive charity auction.
Andromeda must team up with Luka to get into that auction and hack the computers. She believes the foundation hosting it may be funneling money to terrorists, as well as trafficking in protected wildlife.

Together, Andromeda and Luka will face the rich and famous, high-tech security, evil science experiments, and government agents who aren’t at all what they appear.

Content: m/f romance, love scene, fight scene, reference to terrorist bombing

Series Number
Book #2

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