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Taken By The Tigerlord by Kara Lockharte

He loved, lied, then left me.
Now I’m supposed to marry him?
I was so naive. I actually believed him and thought…it doesn’t matter now.

What does matter: Kai is a Tigerlord, a shifter prince in command of one of the most ancient royal houses of tigershifters in the universe.

A fact he conveniently forgot to mention when he had been promising me forever…

As well as the fact that if Kai marries me, he’d lose his throne / lair / whatever it is that tigershifters command.

And now, unknown to Kai, I’ve been caught and imprisoned in his family’s ancestral castle by those seeking to usurp his leadership.

That’s not going to happen.

Because before he gets back, I’m breaking out of this castle.


Kai once told me that “I was his destiny.”

No more. I’m going to go and make my own fate.

I might be stuck on the other side of the system in an unbreachable fortress with a bunch of tigershifters.

But they’ve never dealt with a Librarian like me.

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