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Taken By The Mobster by Lily Thomas

As an officer of the law, Isla’s seen the viciousness of crime, but when Haldon, a Vrak’rir mobster, is sent to prison, all hell lets loose around Guit’re. Crime rates spike all over the planet, and surrounding space as wannabe mobsters fight to fill Haldon’s shoes. When Haldon breaks out of prison, Isla and several of her fellow officers are assigned to find, capture, and bring Haldon back to prison. She never could have predicted the adventure this simple mission will send her on, and in the end, she fears Haldon might capture her heart before she can get him back to prison.

Known as insane, it comes as no surprise when Haldon vows revenge on all who put him in prison. He is violent, unpredictable, and lives life with brute strength and a scary intelligence. When he breaks free of prison, he only has one thing on his mind – killing Vivian and Valdohn. What he didn’t plan on was running into his mate… a sexy, strong-willed, human female whose job it is to put him right back in prison. He resists the pressing urge of his instinct. She will be safer without him. Not only would his enemies use her against him, but he can’t trust himself around her. One moment of rage, and he might just shove her out an airlock.

Can Isla tame the Vrak’rir mobster, or will he show her just how much fun the dark side is?

Series Number
Book #20

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