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Taken by Arcadia Shield

Love, loss, dangerous experiments, and a race against time.

Ash has killed hundreds and bears the scars of a family tragedy he thinks he can never heal from. Until he meets Georgia. The wounds repair and he can feel again. But he has a problem. Georgia doesn’t do relationships.

Georgia Tobino knows she’s different. With a secretive military background and experience in animal poisons, she doesn’t fit the mold of a crew member on the Apocalypse. And her trauma from being captured by a cruel alien race has left scars. But her work is her life, and she has no time to talk to Ash about their relationship. They’re work partners with benefits. Nothing more. But he always makes her his priority and shows he cares. Georgia has never been anyone’s number one, and it terrifies her worse than a four-headed poisonous viper with an attitude.

When they discover an illegal lab messing with the universe’s rarest and most lethal animals, they work together to defeat a common enemy. But with that enemy always one step ahead, time is running out.

Will Ash find a way to get Georgia to trust him? And will she learn that having an Apexian partner will shake her safe little world apart and help her in ways she never imagined?

This standalone action-romance novel has a crew of feisty, smart women; gorgeous Apexian alien warriors; action-packed battles; funny, quirky alien critters, and steamy scenes set in space.

Series Number
Book #4

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