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Jumper’s Hope by Carol Van Natta

Jumper’s Hope Series: Central Galactic Concordance (#4) By: Carol Van Natta [genre] Reunited lovers must outwit a ruthless government agent, or their rumored deaths will be real this time. Two retired...


Fools Rush In by Donna S. Frelick

Fools Rush In Series: Interstellar Rescue (#3) By: Donna S. Frelick [genre] She thought she had the toughest job in Rescue – until the day she had to convert a pirate into a hero. Interstellar Rescue...


Thrill-Kinky by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Thrill-Kinky Series: Chronicles of the Malcolm (#1) By: Teresa Noelle Roberts [genre] Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins. Humans may have expanded to the stars, b...