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Stryker by Alana Khan

Not all scars are visible.

It’s been over a year since Stryker and Maddie were thrown into a cell and forced to mate upon threat of death. They and their fellow captives rebelled and commandeered their slave ship to begin new lives as free males and females. Many of their friends have mated and now walk the halls of the ship freely demonstrating how deeply in love they are. Why are Maddie and Stryker still enduring an uneasy truce as they share friends-with-benefits status?


Maddie was traumatized the day our owners tossed her into my cell. In the face of my discomfort and her terror, I managed to see her courage and strength. I fell in love with her that day and have remained by her side as much as she’ll allow. I think she knows how I feel. Why won’t she let down her barriers and allow me in?


He’s the finest male I’ve ever known—kind, caring, and gentle despite his size. That’s why I keep him at arms’ length. Soon my depression is going to return with the force of a tsunami. I don’t want to hurt him any more than I already have. Besides, how can anyone love me when there are days I struggle just to get out of bed?

Publisher’s Note: This standalone 20K word novella deals with the powerful theme of depression. Best-selling, Pinnacle award-winning author Alana Khan was a psychotherapist before she began her writing career. She deals with this difficult theme with sensitivity, however dark emotions, as well as explicit sex scenes, are portrayed in this book.

You are guaranteed a true love story with a supportive hero and struggling female. You’ll find no cheating and a happy ever after, but, alas, no magical cures

Series Number
Book #13

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