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Strategy by Laurel Richards

For years, Ryland Ward has known Dr. Casey Haven is his soulmate, but he hasn’t been able to claim her. His own cousin abandoned her and their son, leaving her with a broken heart. Ryland has waited for her to heal so he can prove he’s much more than a friend.

Casey has always been able to depend on Ryland. As a trans woman with a psychic ability to heal, she isn’t accepted by everyone. When her medical knowledge is needed for an undercover mission with Ryland, she doesn’t hesitate. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys from deploying a biogenetic weapon that could kill everyone she loves.

With a dangerous operative plotting an attack and a black ops organization stalking the members of the Sentinel Agency, the stakes have never been higher. These star-crossed lovers will have to come together to save the universe.

Content: m/f romance, love scene, trans woman

Series Number
Book #3

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