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Stranded Hearts by Leslie Chase

There he is, bane of my life and wrecker of my sanity. The hottest alien in the galaxy, and the most punchable.

Prince Draxus of Tagra is the worst. Huge, charismatic, rich, and he’s decided I’m his good luck charm. Only one problem – I’m supposed to be his bodyguard, not that he thinks he needs one.

Now we’re stranded in a deadly crystal jungle, dressed for an interstellar cruise, and pursued by vicious pirates. It’s my job to stay close to him, and that’s given him the idea that I’m interested. Which I’m not! Certainly, definitely not.

… am I?

Oh no.

And worst of all, there’s only one tent.

Stranded Hearts is a scorching sci-fi romance novella featuring a badass heroine and a rugged alien prince who will do anything to protect her.

This story was initially published in the Claimed Among the Stars anthology.

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