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Stranded by Heather Fox

Liv: Being in a spaceship crash wasn’t on my agenda. I’m meant to be on Alpha Colony, hunting for clues to my sister’s disappearance. Instead, me and eleven other women are stranded on the outskirts of a jungle on a planet we know nothing about, where the flora and fauna are both out to get us. The only good thing about this place? Since landing here, I’ve been having some wild dreams about an alien who knows exactly how to please a girl. I figure it must be something in the water. I don’t figure that my alien friend is real and those dreams I’ve been having are mutual…

Gregar: When my linasha appears in my dreamspace, hands bound and mouth full of naughty words, I know Lina has chosen well for me. My Liv is the perfect mate – beautiful and fierce. But though she likes my hands on her body in the dreamspace, she shies away from me in the waking world. Her tribe of females are from a strange and distant place and will not survive the dangers of my jungle home without my protection. I will care for them, provide them food and shelter, but can I convince Liv that she is mine?

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Alien Contact Fated Mates Humans In Space M / F

Series Number
Book #1

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