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Stolen by Starlight by Sara Ivy Hill

He wants to claim me. Crown me. Keep me.


I never thought I’d find my Alara. So when I scent her, I steal her.

She is made to be mine. Perfect in every way—except one. Every chance she gets, she runs back to her captors.

Why does she run from me?

Whatever she desires, I will give her. Whatever she needs, I’ll provide. I’ll do anything for my little queen—anything except let her go.


The alien warrior who stole me from the auction block is no simple thief. He’s a king. And he swears that I’m his fated mate. He wants me beside him on the throne — and underneath him in his bed.

But all I want is to find my little sister. She’s still out there somewhere, at the mercy of our abductors.

So the king and I strike a bargain. If he rescues her, I’ll be his queen.

And if he doesn’t keep his end of the deal? I’ll sacrifice anything keep to her safe. Even the king who’s stolen my heart.

Series Number
Book #1

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