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Stealing His Mate by Ivy Knox

Kate’s best friends have been claimed as mates, but she’s never felt more alone.

Kate has had enough. She’s sick of getting dirty looks from the clan, sick of being seen as the village weirdo, and sick of existing on this strange planet. Meanwhile, her best friends are getting married and pregnant and settling into their happily ever afters, leaving Kate with too much free time and no one to talk to.

A mysterious male with washboard abs and sparkly blue scales keeps appearing in her dreams, jolting her awake, and she has no idea why.

Kidnapped late one night, Kate finally comes face to face with Niro, her dream guy, and she thinks her problems will soon be solved. If they can break this bewildering curse, they can return to their lives, and hopefully, she’ll get some sleep.

As they embark on a quest for answers about their dream link that takes them all over Oluura, their lives intertwine in ways they never could’ve imagined. Each moment, they are tempted to claw each other’s eyes out while resisting the urge to rip each other’s clothes off.

Can they put their differences aside and break the curse? Or are they destined to crash each other’s dreams for the rest of time?

Series Number
Book #3

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