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Son for the Alien Dictator by Aline Ash

My new boss is the most feared man on the planet. Great.

Insanely powerful and ridiculously rich, President Vahadr Tzelik II is a man used to getting what he wants. Once he sets his eyes on me and demands I work for him, I literally can’t refuse…

He is a merciless Dictator. He can ruin my life with a single flick of his black-clawed fingers. I should be horrified, but instead I’m gazing at his strong, muscled shoulders and intense blue eyes. And the heated looks he gives me send shivers down my spine.

I should never have agreed to go near Vahadr’s son, a cute 4-year-old with one hell of a bad attitude. And when I find out the truth about the boy’s surrogacy?

Let’s just say I’m afraid to tell my boss.

And that secret might just be the biggest mistake of my life.

Series Number
Book #1

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