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Solan by Arcadia Shield

A proud Galaxar warrior on a mission to find a mate and have offspring.

A stubborn human female fighting to prove her worth and ignore the hot alien’s gaze that makes her melt. 

Vegas Munro has had enough of Earth and all the hopeless drifters she dated over the years. When an opportunity arrived to run the first alien dating agency in space she jumped at the chance, boarded the spaceship, and didn’t look back.

Driven by the need to prove herself, and determined not to have her head turned by another man, Vegas is not prepared for a face to face encounter with Solan. He’s out of this world gorgeous but comes with a stubborn streak worse than hers. Vegas doesn’t need this complication. She has a matchmaking business to run and thousands of lonely, randy aliens to pair up.

Little does she know she’s met her match made in space and he never gives up a fight. 

When Solan, a Galaxar Colonel known as Destroyer of Stars, meets Vegas in the flesh for the first time, the attraction is instant.

He cares nothing for emotion. Solan needs a fertile human female to breed with. Vegas is gorgeous, confident, and ready. He wants her. He will have her.

His personal mission is to retain the respect of his fellow Galaxars and prove himself worthy of his position. He cannot do that without a family of his own. The family Vegas will give him. There’s no time for distractions, emotions or complications and definitely not from an Earth woman with a fiery nature and an infuriating refusal to succumb to him. 

Vegas Munro intrigues him. Despite Solan’s belief that he does not need love, he seeks her out, learns of her strange human ways, and finds himself changing his mind. When the threat of a cruel, higher ranking Galaxar emerges, Solan refuses to let Vegas go. He’s determined to protect her.

He must choose between his hard fought for position in the Galaxar army or a human who makes his pulse race and his passions stir.

Solan is the first science fiction romance novel set in the My Single Alien universe. It is a complete adventure that can be read alone. No cheating and a happily ever after, following a few wrong moves and some misunderstandings of the human and alien kind.

You thought dating a human was tough. Wait until you try alien!

Series Number
Book #1

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