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Snarky in Space by Juniper Jaxx


So, I exaggerated a little in my job interview. Who doesn’t, right?

But the next thing I know, I’ve been bundled into a spaceship, shuttled to another galaxy and presented to Khaze’in—elite Zo’tox warrior and taciturn grump, all rolled into one blue, musclebound package. When he discovers that I’m a puny human, and not the ‘skilled negotiator’ he was promised, he’s not impressed.

At all.

But for no reason I can understand, instead of rejecting me, he hauls me off to his alien palace. And before I know it, those scary eyes of his are roving all over me—like he can see right through my clothes.


If I hadn’t taken the soft-bodied human home with me, she would’ve been sent to the breeding program—at least, that’s what I tell myself. But I didn’t bank on her smart mouth, her constant demands for a “fulfilling job”, and her distractingly sexy curves, and before long, she’s getting right under my scaly skin.

Zo’tox do not kiss; Zo’tox do not mate other species. And yet—

The moment Meghan’s soft lips press against mine, my entire being screams that she’s mine. But taking the sexy earthling as my queen is strictly forbidden, and will have serious consequences.

When The Dark threatens to destroy all sentient life, Meghan’s negotiating skills might be the only thing that can save them. But will they be enough for her own happy ending?

Series Number
Book #1

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