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Smarts in Space by Juniper Jaxx

Six months ago, I was abducted by slave traders and destined for a breeding program. I thought I was doomed, that I’d never be able to pay off my mom’s medical bills—until a big red alien beast rescued me. A hot alien beast who dropped me off at Critter Daycare, kissed me senseless, and disappeared.

Now he’s back, and I shouldn’t want him, but being in his thick scaly arms is all I can think about. One night, he promises. One perfect, hot night. But he failed to mention the little detail of us being ‘bound’. The chemistry between us is out-of-this-world *snort*. But mating Xakhis won’t just get me fired and paint a target on my back from the planet’s two warring tribes—it will ruin his future.

Ever since I saved the beautiful, curvy human from my brother’s clutches, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her and her sweet, sassy mouth.

But she’s off-limits. It’s hard enough for a half-breed like me to survive in Zo’tox territory, and taking a human as my mate will mean throwing away the future I’ve been fighting for all my life. But one night with Brooke and I know I’d do anything to protect her.

My future is nothing without her. She’s my mate, and I’m not going to stop until she’s mine. The Zo’tox, the Exin, and the entire planet be damned!

Series Number
Book #2

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