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Skaggs by Julie K. Cohen

She’s a witness in need of protection. He’s a warrior in need of a female.

When an unknown enemy shoots down her space cruise ship, Nala’s pod crash lands on an unidentified planet. Flat on her back, she finds herself looking up at a blue male with horns, tattoos, and a disarming smile. But her motto is ‘The only good alien is a dead alien.’

The male doesn’t hurt her. No, he tries to woo her. He claims to have two cocks and says both are hard for her, proving she’s his heart mate, whatever that is. Clearly, he’s crazy. Either way, she won’t be another notch on his beautifully tattooed chest.

Skaggs never thought the gods would gift him a sholani. They literally sent her down wrapped up in a silver pod, just for him. She landed on his property, and on Zyan, anything on your property is, well… your property. Good thing too, because he’s in a bind that requires having a female.

She’s his, and he’s not letting her go. First, he’ll have to save her from the aliens who are trying to kill her. Can he convince her she’s meant for him and that he’s not the manwhore he appears to be, but a Zyanthan Warrior worthy of her love?

Series Number
Book #4

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