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Silenced by Heather Fox

Carrie: The new arrivals at our tribe may have their minds only on one thing, but I can’t even think about finding my mate. Not when my voice has been stolen away by a broken promise. Unable to communicate with the others, I’m relegated to the edges of the tribe. But I’m not the only one. Endzoh, the quiet warrior I’ve always thought didn’t much like us girls, is right here with me. And this connection I’m feeling to him – it’s more than just solidarity amongst outsiders…

Endzoh: I have always been a solitary male. Where my brothers rely on the companionship of the tribe, it is not something I have ever needed. Too many people around me only hurts my headspace. But the human female, Carrie, with her soft curves and quiet ways – I need her. I have longed for her as my mate since I first laid eyes on her. But I am not easy with others the way the rest of my tribe are. I do not know how I might make my female open her heartspace to me. With Darran’s tribe arriving, their heartspaces set on winning a female into their pelts, I risk having her taken from me if I do not try. Especially when one of them decides it is my Carrie who will be his…

Series Number
Book #5

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