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Shifting Paradigms by Danielle Forrest

Can she trust him before it’s too late?

Victoria lives a life of solitude… and she likes it that way. She’s been obsessed with spaceship design from a young age and accepts the occasional interruption of her three friends (with patent protest).

Excited about her latest idea, she calls her friends, but her life is thrown out of orbit when the comm is hacked. She cuts off all contact, desperate to find the source, determined to never let her designs fall into the wrong hands again.

Running out of rations and half-paranoid someone’s following her, she stops to re-supply. As she returns to her ship, her paranoia is made real. She makes a run for it, but it’s too late. He grabs her hair, yanking her back into his lethal embrace.

I’m gonna die.

Please, God, someone help me.

Series Number
Book #3

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