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Seized by Heather Fox

Sam: I’ve been desperate to meet my raskarran mate ever since I first saw the gorgeous green guys on the beach. So when the dreamspace forms, I’m beyond excited. So he might not be entirely convinced I’m real, I’m not going to let that get me down. Dad always said problems are best solved one step at a time, and the solution seems pretty simple. We just need to get to know one another better. Step one: Who is my mate. Step two: Who am I. Step three: I’m not sure, but hopefully it involves kissing.

Dazzik: With the big rains soon coming, and my supplies running low, the last thing I need is a distraction. The pretty female in my dreams tells me she is my mate, but even if she were real, this is not the blessing it should be. I could not care for a mate. I can barely care for myself. But the more I speak with Sam, the more I start to doubt my conviction that she is invented. And when my old tribe strike, I know I must go after them. I must save her and claim her before it is too late.

Series Number
Book #6

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