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Seeding ERO-5 by Quin Ripley

Taisia’s sex drive is out of control.

The shy botanist is many lightyears from home, serving on the most ambitious terraforming project ever undertaken by humanity. But she’s helpless to resist her flaming desires and fears the project may fail.

Rob is the ERO-5 team leader. Recently divorced, he works hard and plays harder. He’s long had his eye on his team’s quiet botanist.

They knew the work on the sterile planet would be backbreaking, but they didn’t expect the collective libido of the team to shoot into the stratosphere. Every night their lust takes over, testing the limits of their self-control.

And perhaps ERO-5 isn’t as barren as they’d thought.

Taisia is the key to keeping the project on track and discovering the secrets of the intense pleasure on ERO-5.

Disclaimer: Please note, this is an Erotica Romance that contains multiple scenes of explicit sex, polyamorous sex, lesbian and gay sex, gonzo sex, and sexy tentacles.

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