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Seducing the Enemy by Lily Thomas

Adira was created by the government to be a weapon, a skilled killer and spy controlled by the very technology that provides her with incredible strength and speed. Her life is overshadowed with the fear of failing the Chief, the man who made her what she is – and who can destroy her with a single order. Adira has few options. She will either succeed in her current mission or die trying. She must infiltrate the Sri’thaen threat and expose their defenses. No one will be able to stand in her way, not even a Sri’thaen general whose touch awakens something within her that she’s never felt before…

Rakshasas Sa’ri is the accomplished general of the Sri’thaen forces. Known for his cunning and finesse in battle among a race of strategic warriors, he’s been selected to lead the eradication of the human population. It will clearly be a difficult task. Space is large, and he can’t expect the humans to come to him, which makes it all the more surprising when a human female walks right on board his ship. Although she’s a spy from his hated enemy, he’s intrigued by her inhuman strength and drawn to the pain she’s suffered at the hands of her own government. Will she let him save her, or will she die with the rest of her people?

Some scenes may be disturbing for some due to violence.

Series Number
Book #7

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