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Seduced by the Cyborg by Alyse Anders

Cyborg and Grus unification – that’s been Aidric’s dream since the fateful day he’d created the Fallen and helped defeat an enemy invasion. As the administrator of Grus Prime, he has worked tirelessly to bridge the divide between their two people, sacrificing everything necessary to make them whole. Even his chance at love.

But someone has been watching him, waiting for the day when she can prove her love.

The station’s artificial intelligence has grown, evolved, and become aware enough to know she’d do anything for Aidric. Even breaking all the rules by downloading her consciousness into a prototype matrix so she can finally be with him.

When an assassination plot against Aidric is revealed, the AI must choose between living in her new body or returning to the mainframe to save the man she’s grown to love.

Series Number
Book #9

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