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Seduced by Heather Fox

Lorna: After the awful mess that was my life back on Earth, living in the raskarran village is great. It’s a simple life, but the big green guys provide for us, our huts are cosy and I get to spend my days looking after two adorable children. There’s only one problem – the dreamspace. Much as I might want to have a family one day, I can’t have anyone inside my head. There are secrets I’m keeping, secrets that could destroy me and any chance of a future I have with the tribe. Fortunately, none of Gregar’s tribe are my mate, and if I have an unrequited crush on the village healer, Shemza, well, it’s not the worst issue to have. When he offers to help me regain my strength, I just have to remember he’s not interested in me. That those looks he’s giving me are definitely not full of heat…

Shemza: I have longed for Lorna since the first moment I set eyes on her. Even when she was weak with fever, I knew that my heartspace would never beat for another. We have not joined each other in the dreamspace, and that should mean that she is not my linasha. But she is human, not raskarran, and perhaps the same rules do not apply. Lorna’s heartspace is closed right now, but if there is a way to get her to open it to me, I will find it. I may be a healer, but Lorna rouses a warrior’s spirit in me, and I will do whatever it takes to claim her as my mate.

Series Number
Book #4

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