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Scorched by Eva Priest

He’s a seven-foot tiger-striped alien on an undercover mission. She’s a pissed-off abducted human female. Can these fated mates find love?

Legion command has sent me to an outpost slum in the ass end of The Savage Lands. Cloaked operation. Purely recon. Whatever intel they need to find isn’t for me to judge. I’m all for finishing my job quickly so I can find a willing female to warm my den.

Should have been simple, until I see my fate-mate being traded for the very thing I’m sent to find.

I stumbled onto my bed after a night of partying, only to wake up in a human menagerie light years away. I’m about to be sold for a briefcase and a taco, when a seven-foot, tiger-striped alien claims I’m his mate, flings me over his shoulder, and runs.

Now I have to figure out a way to evade two alien gangs I somehow insulted, while convincing a beast–and my traitorous body–that I’m not anyone’s mate, fated or otherwise.

Series Number
Book #1

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