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Science Fiction Romance

Welcome to SFR Station – the site for science fiction romance. We strive to focus on books that are all about combining fantastic science fiction with heart-throbbing romance. We strive to represent all the sub-genres of science fiction romance, including adventure, post-apocalyptic, time-travel, space opera, earth-aliens, and even weird science themes like mad scientists and zombies. We allow all pairing types, including hetero and homosexual, and even poly or open relationships. We believe that space is way too big to put a limit on love!

Science Fiction Romance is a science fiction story that is driven by the romance between two or more characters. It isn’t simply ‘romance on another planet’ or ‘sex in space’. It can include soft science fiction, like Space Opera, or hard science fiction like fully explained temporal anomalies and wormholes. The romance can be heated with multiple scenes of intimacy, or it can be a sweet, love story with fade-to-black moments.

Science fiction romance, however, is not simply a science fiction story that has romantic elements or just happens to contain a romance. The love story and romance must be woven into the fabric of the story so tightly that to remove it would cause the whole story to unravel. The romance must drive the characters, their choices and thus the events the story. With out the romance, the characters would have made completely different decisions, which would fundamentally change the core principles of the story itself.