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Scents and Sensibility by Jeaneva Christie

Even the most capable huntress can become the prey.

Jess, an orphaned alien, has no sense of sexuality until the day she becomes the prey of every male on the planet. Suddenly she’s emitting pheromones that threaten her very life.

Stranded while on a mission, Aryk, an elite galactic soldier, saves Jess from unwanted attentions, including those of a slaver. Devoted to keeping her safe, they flee into the beyond in search of her homeworld while trying to save another species from extinction.

All she wanted was a chance to fall in love. Now the universe is throwing mates her way. Aryk may be the first, but he isn’t the last. An ancient prophecy says why choose when you can have them all.

Scents and Sensibility is intended for mature audiences. It is the first in a reverse harem, why choose sci-fi fantasy romance trilogy in an expanding universe.

Series Number
Book #1

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