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Scarlet Reflections by M. M. Glenn

He’s given her a reason to live – If he doesn’t get her killed first.

For years, Kaydia Voss served as a psychic assassin –known as Scarlet– for a criminal cartel, bound to them through a drug addiction they forced upon her. Now, she’s broken free of her chains, and has turned her well developed skills back on those who made her into a killer.

Quinn Hale is a for hire mercenary, looking for work on the distant planet of Miruta. Working with Kaydia is lucrative, but what he doesn’t expect is to fall for the mysterious assassin. Or that she might share his attraction. A steamy night spent together awakens exciting new feelings in both of them.

Quinn is the first person who gives Kaydia something to live for, beyond mere vengeance. But secrets both carry threaten their future together, and even their very lives.

Contains explicit content, reader discretion is advised.

Series Number
Book #1

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