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Saving His Mate by Ivy Knox

Chloe has hit rock bottom. Her boyfriend cheated on her. Then he dumped her. And just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, she’s kidnapped by aliens and shoved into a glass cage with two other terrified human women.

The three of them are sold at auction to the highest bidder, who just happens to be a massive, seven-foot-tall gold-skinned alien named Varrek. He spares no expense to buy Chloe the moment he lays his eyes on her. He knows she’s his mate, but he also knows he can never have her because of his tragic past, and a dark secret he’s kept for years that could threaten the safety of everyone he cares about. Varrek vows to take her back to his planet and keep her safe…nothing more.

But the more time they spend together, the stronger their bond becomes. And the harder it is for Chloe to imagine going back to Earth.

Will they succumb to their desires? Or will Varrek’s secret tear them apart?

Series Number
Book #1

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