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Saved By The Cyborg by Alyse Anders

With the enemy closing in, a cyborg must do everything he can to save his mate.

Eagan has a brilliant tactical mind and was instrumental in the cyborg’s defeat over the Sholle, but in the years since the war, he’s been on his own. With the arrival of a Sholle scout ship, he’s pulled back to active duty and changed with not only saving the lives of the Grus but also a ship full of human women. When he meets his mate, Beth, Eagan’s world is turned on his head. Now, he must not only find a way to defeat the Sholle but save Beth from the Grus who want to keep them apart.

If you like hot cyborg males proving their love and smart, courageous females who save the day, then join Eagan and Beth in book 3 of the Cyborg Protector romance.

Series Number
Book #3

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