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Saved by Heather Fox

Ellie: I always knew the only person who would save me after crash landing on a primitive jungle planet was myself. Our corporate overlords won’t be coming for us, and the alien I’ve been dreaming about might say a lot of pretty words about coming to find me, but he’s not real. Definitely not. It’s up to me to keep everyone fed, but it’s slim pickings on the beach where we’ve landed. I’m afraid my strength – and my sanity – might start to fade before I can find our next meal.

Anghar: I know my Ellie is the perfect mate for me from the moment she arrives in the dreamspace. She has a hunter’s spirit, seeking to provide for her tribe though she does not know our lands and the creatures that live here well. But my linasha does not appreciate my presence in her dreams. I think she does not dare to hope that I will save her and her tribe. But I am coming for her, as fast as I am able. When I arrive, I will prove that I will be the best mate to her, that I can keep her safe and well fed, that I will worship her always. I just have to get to her before anything else does…

Series Number
Book #2

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