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Savage Desire by Tiffany Roberts

He’s violent, volatile, and loves a good fight. She’s small and sweet—and everything he craves. But can he make her his without hurting her?

Thargen wanders the sprawling Undercity streets with one goal—a drink. Well, maybe a few drinks and a good old-fashioned bar fight to let off some steam. But the moment he sees Yuri working behind the bar, he’s overwhelmed by a new desire—her.

Yuri is his opposite in so many ways—delicate, soft, beautiful—and he knows the primal, uncontrollable rage in his heart makes it too dangerous for him to have her. But he wants her. He needs her.

And when an unexpected series of events sees them stranded on a hostile, unknown planet together, it becomes almost impossible for him to resist her. Lost on a mountainside teeming with ravenous skeks, Thargen must rely upon his survival skills and the ferocity burning at his core to protect Yuri until they can get back home.

But who will protect her from him?

Series Number
Book #4

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