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Sammy’s Caress by Mara Jaye

One Earth woman, one Gharian man, a galaxy of trouble.


I’m sort of “claimed” by the best looking, biggest hearted man in the galaxy, so why am I on edge?

Oh, right, because I’m pregnant with my now ex-husband’s child, and Rawl doesn’t know. He’s fussing over my every need, determined to keep me happy. But how can I be when we’re planet-shopping for three, not two? I can’t help but wonder where will he abandon us when he finds out about the baby.


She thinks she’s keeping a secret from me, but I know about her child.

Sammy’s an exotic, beautiful mate. Of course, I want to keep her and the baby safe. I want to give her the galaxy, help her find the best home for our child if she lets me claim him or her as my own. We’re visiting various planets, Bolon first, when the Vahdmoshi shoot down our ship.

Now, I need to ensure she’s healthy, let her believe I don’t know about the baby, and get us out of a potential battle for the solar system.

Series Number
Book #6

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