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Salacian Sapphire by Chloe Parker

Tasha Kincaid wants revenge.

Ten years ago, her partner Niko double-crossed her in a heist gone wrong, leaving Tasha exiled on a distant moon. Naiades is a one-bar kind of town, orbiting the glittering tourist planet of Salacia below.

Then Tasha finds out Niko is on Salacia. And better yet, she’ll soon set sail on a high-tech cruiseship loaded with cash.

Tasha contracts smart-mouthed mercenary Baz Vaughn to help her get her revenge. Baz has been hopping around the galaxy in an effort to escape his past, and this job might just be the one that pays off the bounty on his head.

Not only that, but Baz finds Tasha irresistible, and he can’t say no when she offers to partner up.

If they want to outsmart Veronika, they have to put aside their instant chemistry. But shared quarters make for spilled secrets, and Tasha and Baz find it harder and harder to deny their attraction as they grow closer. Revenge is sweet, but not as sweet as desire…especially on a ship designed for pleasure.

Salacian Sapphire is a sci-fi romance featuring a sassy, strong-willed heroine and a quippy hero. Readers looking for a slow-burn romance with a bit of action will fall in love with their journey aboard this interstellar cruise.

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