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Rising From The Curse by Maria A. Perez

The power of family bonds reaches across galaxies.

After returning from a well-deserved second honeymoon, Mina receives distressing news: the United Rebel Front has rescued a group of prisoners from a Lostai labor camp, and one of them claims to be Joshua, her first husband from Earth. He says the Lostai have kidnapped their daughter and taken her to an unknown location. Mina and her Arandan husband, Montor, put their family plans on hold and assemble a small team of volunteers to rescue her daughter.

But this mission is fraught with danger and complications. Mina has no idea where to look for her daughter, and everyone in her current life believes Mina to be a widow—including her Arandan friends. How will Montor react when faced with Mina’s first husband? His patriarchal society has strict rules for pursuing a female who is already married, and he has always fantasized about the required duel to properly claim Mina as his wife.

In the midst of a galactic war, life-threatening conditions and a ruthless Lostai military are not the only challenges Mina must face if she is to rescue her daughter. When her past and present collide, she risks losing everyone she’s ever loved in this thrilling conclusion to The Curse of Sotkari Ta saga.

Content Disclosure. This series is a space opera with strong romantic elements and heat. It features infidelity, violence, consensual sexual scenes, and sexual and physical abuse. Think Outlander meets Star Wars.

Series Number
Book #3

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