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Ri’Nom by Julie K. Cohen

Can an alien marshal trust his secret to a woman who will do anything to return to Earth?

Abducted from Earth, Harper escaped and survived the past few years on Dal by stealing food and hiding in tunnels. When she risks her life to save the handsome og’dal with the bright blue eyes and teasing smile, he pledges to take her home to Earth. But he’s hiding something. A secret so big, all of Dal is searching for him.Forget how protective he is or how he believes in her. Falling for him is not an option. Not if she wants to go home…

This was just supposed to be a simple trip home to Dal between assignments to deliver a relic. Now the mofa’ti are trying to kill Ri’Nom, his uncle is colluding to overthrow the local government, and the human female who saves his life… The more he’s with her, the more he wants to keep her. But she’s the key to his and Dal’s future. He promised to take her home. But he may have to break that promise, and his own heart, to save her and Dal.

Series Number
Book #5

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