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Revealing Evie by Rhea V. May

She is the last woman on Earth. He’s the Union’s Most Wanted. But when they meet, all the planets in the universe align. For they share the same fate—utter doom. And must learn to save themselves before the many.

Evie thinks the worst has already happened. Disaster struck and left her in ruins. First, she loses her family in a terrible accident. Then, aliens invade Earth and stop life as she knew it.

Survivors of the invasion start dropping and, in a matter of days, Evie finds herself all alone on a dying planet. Without knowing what else to do, she sets out to find the rest of her family.

As time passes, Evie stops worrying about having to fight for her life. For the apocalypse proves incredibly boring. No evil machines trying to wipe out humanity, and no brain-eating zombies. Just endless walking and solitude.

That all changes when she meets him. The alien that falls from the skies.

Vasktrosti, the Ancient One, is on the run. For the crimes he had committed, he received the death sentence. True death, with no hope for the resurrection reserved for Renditions.

So, what better place to hide from the Union of The Thirteen Races than on the dying planet of Earth?

But even a bionic is subjected to misfortunes, so each of Vask’s plans crumbles to dust when bad luck hits.

Though, as Evie finds him, Vask starts believing his bad luck is the best thing that ever happened. For himself, the great thousand years-old is brought to his knees by this frail human woman.

Series Number
Book #4

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