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Resistant by Adell Ryan

This is where I introduce myself… for a third time. Quite honestly, we’re past formalities now, so how about this instead: young woman, early twenties, special DNA, can often be found in a state of duress… or with four attractive men. 

That’s pretty much the basics of my recollections these days. Last thing I remember is dancing the night away. The next morning, I wake up in an unfamiliar place and am told something terrible happened to me. However, no one knows the specifics, and the guys are being tight-lipped about what little information they do know. 

When we finally learn what happened during those mysterious hours, the five of us are thrust into a situation we never would have imagined. The impact of this revelation blindsides us, and we all struggle with the knowledge. 

Being in this new place also unearths some surprising information about my beaus’ pasts. Just when I am becoming more familiar with them, hidden truths bubble to the surface. 

To top everything off, there’s a nationwide sweep, and our area is the next target. We have mere hours to make a decision: Do we stay? Or do we take to the road again?

Series Number
Book #3

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