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Resident Alien by Cassandra Chandler

Brendan has always dreamed of making alien contact. He’s about to get lucky.

When Brendan Sloan sends transmissions into deep space, he never believes he’ll actually reach aliens. The sultry voice that responds is too good to be true. He’s convinced Kira was sent by his government to keep an eye on him while he’s on vacation from his top secret communications project—until she shows up on his doorstep in a silver spaceship.

Kira has been assigned to the listening station orbiting Earth for two years—years she’s spent alone. Responding to Brendan’s broadcasts could land her in jail or worse, on a Coalition scientist’s examination table. She couldn’t ignore the connection she felt, and now, he’s the only person she can turn to for help.

Because a vicious species of aliens have set their eyes on her—and Earth—and she can’t hide her secrets forever.

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Alien Contact Earth Aliens Friends to Lovers M / F

Series Number
Book #2

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