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Rescued By Her Enemy by January Bell

As a pawn of Impericorps, I’m expendable. But I’m the best at the job they’ve forced me into: fugitive tracking and capture. If it weren’t for my handler, Riker, I might even dream of escape.

No one is more surprised than I am when Riker’s the one freeing me from the grip of Impericorps, giving me the choice to run with him, or fight on my own.

I’ve hated Riker for a decade, and I can’t understand why he’s helping me now. But with the might of the Impericorps at our heels? There’s strength in numbers. When we’re forced on a hostile planet, we’ll have to rely on each other more than ever before if we want to survive.

I never thought he’d be the key to my freedom… and I never expected the heat between us.

Series Number
Book #1

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