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Ren by Nancey Cummings

The red guy. Again.

Emry thought she was done with alien Romeos who made promises and then ditched you, but their paths continued to cross. What’s a girl to do when the same guy keeps turning up like a bad penny?

Steal his ship.

The wrong thing for the right reason.

Four years ago, Ren made the mistake of choosing duty above his mate, a fragile human female unsuited for his toxic planet. He sent her away and has searched for her ever since. Now fate has brought them back together. She might have stolen his ship and abandoned him, but he won’t let her get away a second time.

The chase is on.

Ren is a stand alone story with second chances and a hard won HEA. No cheating because we’re not here for that.

Series Number
Book #11

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