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Redeemed by the Cyborg by Alyse Anders

A criminal redeemed by love from across the galaxy.

Rennick is guilty. In a moment of mental trauma during battle, he’d killed his best friend and his patrol, only to be brought back to life as a cyborg. After the war, he paid for his crimes, housed in the darkest cell in The Prison and left to his shadowy thoughts. He’s shocked when an unexpected light shines into the darkness of his mind – Tara, his mate, is awake.

Tara left Earth knowing no one would miss her. When she’s told her cyborg mate is a murderer, she’s unable to accept this, not understanding what she’d done to warrant having a mate like Rennick.

When Rennick is offered the opportunity to be cybernetically linked with Tara to fix his dark nature, he sees it as his one chance to be redeemed . Together they must work together to stop an attack that could destroy all cyborg life on Zarlan.

Series Number
Book #8

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