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Regulated Planet by Rinelle Grey

It seems too good to be true.

Marlee and Tyris have escaped Zerris and are headed for the central planets, where there will be no need to grow their own food, or struggle to survive. Where their relationship is safe, even if they can’t have a baby. Their future looks rosy. 

Until Marlee discovers she’s pregnant. 

Tyris is sure the illegal pregnancy will be overlooked when he tells the government he’s found a hidden store of rare fuel. He didn’t counted on his ex-wife wanting him back. Or on her having the power to threaten his unborn child.

To keep their baby safe, Tyris and Marlee must pretend that they mean nothing to each other, while trying to unravel the conspiracy that threatens not only their unborn child, but everyone from Zerris.

Regulated Planet is the second book in the Worlds Apart series. This series is currently complete.

(Previously published as Reckless Rebellion.)

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Colonization / Frontier M / F

Series Number
Book #2

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