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Razer’s Edge by Selene Grace Silver

A simple plan. An anti-hero slips into a dark burlesque club, nothing more on his mind than locating the club owner’s locked safe and leaving with its treasure, but instead finds himself transfixed by a beautiful dancer’s haunted eyes, staring back at him from behind her mask, as she seductively spins inside her colorful scarves.

A powerful psychic. Razer supplies the funding for his brother’s slave rescue operation by helping himself to money horded by the rich. He uses his special abilities to get into places normal people are not allowed, like the club owner’s office, where a safe reportedly exists full of jewels and untraceable credits. In and out. No unnecessary interactions. The only people he can afford to care about are the poor and enslaved. He certainly can’t indulge in fantasies about a gorgeous cabaret performer who strips for the richest of the rich.

A fierce female. Talented ballerina Ayanna now headlines at the famed cabaret of a luxury ship, dancing to make the money her ailing father desperately needs for his expensive medical treatments. When a thief uses her employee identity to pull off the plunder of a lifetime, jeopardizing everything she works so hard to protect, she’s not going to let him get away, leaving her behind to suffer the consequences. She refuses to take the fall for the rugged scoundrel, even if she feels mysteriously attracted to him.

Will Razer slip away with the contents of the cabaret’s safe, his heart intact, or will he realize that Ayanna is more valuable to him than any precious stone or single heist?

Previously published in the SFR Anthology, Cosmic Cabaret. This sexy story is intended for readers 18+.

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