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Razers by Melissa Koberlein

In Fireflies Will and Marley found each other. Now, in Razers, they discover how much they are willing to risk for a future together. 

Seventeen-year-old Will doesn’t want to kill Marley, but if they take their relationship to the next level, he could do just that. The alien symbiotes living inside his body are deadly to ordinary humans. Determined to find a cure, Will leaves Marley to start her senior year at Pine Grove High alone. 

But Marley isn’t alone…

Sam Wyatt is a strange and potentially dangerous alien host called a razer. While he looks like a typical teenage boy, he’s far from it—he’s lost the ability to think for himself. At least up until now. Now there’s one thing he can think about, one thing all razers in Pine Grove think about—Marley Hunter.

Series Number
Book #2

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