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Raith by Annabelle Rex

Mia made a promise to always attend her family’s Christmas ‘gathering’. Hard to call it a party when they’re about as much fun as a funeral. It’s the same thing every year. Why are you still single? When are you going to settle down? Get married? Start having kids? Sick of the judgement and the Regency era attitudes, Mia has a plan. She might have promised to attend the gathering, but she never promised to behave when she got there. Rocking up with a member of the Intergalactic Community on her arm could be just the thing to rattle a few cages and make the party far more entertaining. A newly launched exchange program could be just the ticket to find her ‘date’. Three days at a terrible Christmas function in exchange for a week long all expenses paid tour of London – who could possibly refuse?

Raith has a problem. A money problem. Days away from being destitute, he has two choices – go to the home planet he swore he’d never return to, or give in to the reality of living the rest of his Unmatched life on some dismal colony in the back end of the Universe. But when a strange request from a Human female catches his eye, Raith sees a third solution. This Mia is the most beautiful female he’s ever seen. Pretending to be her date won’t exactly be a hardship. And maybe, if he plays it just right, she might be amenable to making their little arrangement more permanent. Being the kept man of a beautiful Human female sounds infinitely better than his other options. If there’s one thing Raith knows, it’s how to separate pleasures of the body from affairs of the heart. But the more he gets to know Mia, the less sure he is he can keep doing it…

A steamy science fiction romance featuring a fiercely independent woman who just wants to have fun, and an alien male out to prove that life can be much more fun with two.

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Alien Contact Fated Mates M / F

Series Number
Book #6

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